my potential keeps telling me that the only way to keep myself from hurting others is avoid

it made me feel so guilty when i can’t pay anything back to ppl who give me their love

i cant tell them “once i can’t take anymore of your love, i’m leaving”

i just can’t

can’t open my mouth in front of u, even u love me so much

i know

i know all of ur love

but i’m so afraid that if u can’t see my honesty

but i loved u, even i’m leaving

thats why i told u in the restaurant that i believe i will be alone when i grow up

u can’t understand, saying “there are ppl who love u, her, me, u got choice”

yea, choice…

it’s totally bull shit when talking about love

i’ve never been considering chasing a girl

my choice can’t make me confident about my choice

i’m more glad to try the 1/1000000000 chance to find the girl who can make me fall in love with her

and btw she like my style of mind or life

that’s like soul mate, not about a choice

like my friend 施鑫峰 who can get my feeling if he is informed what happened to me

i’m also sorry to him coz it’s long time since i talked to him last time

Remember? u asked me which color i like most

I said silver

in fact i can love all colors only if u can make me love them

and my mind also keeps changing everyday

if i’m not that restrictive, i can give u a romantic answer everyday


i’m sorry i was embarrassed when my love stands in my side and talk to me

i’m so shy to own u, darling

i’m easy with my shadow

i’d better be alone
although i have my love in the world

i can’t stay

i’m leaving

very cautiously

鑫峰:go with our love,my brother